Structural Soils has an enviable track record with over twenty years experience in completing over-water site investigations in the most challenging of conditions.

Jack Up Barge Drilling Platform

The company's experience provides a sound knowledge of all aspects of work over water from building the jack up barge to producing a full interpretive site investigation report.  Structural Soils can advise on investigative techniques to be undertaken and wherever possible will advise of alternate methods to ensure value for money.

Our commitment to undertaking high quality over-water site investigations has been crystallised in the recent acquisition of our own road transportable jack-up drilling platform – capable of working in water depth up to 15m.

Structural Soils operates a range of boring and drilling rigs allowing them to adapt the investigation to suit the client’s requirements and obtain information in the most efficient manner.

With work undertaken for organisations including local governments and large commercial companies health and safety is paramount.  Detailed site specific method statements and risk assessments are produced for each contract to ensure works proceed in a safe and efficient manner without compromising efficiency.

Geotechnical laboratory testing is undertaken in the companies own UKAS laboratories in Bristol, Castleford, Hemel Hempstead and Tonbridge.  Structural Soils Ltd factual and interpretive reports are prepared by the companies in-house team of experienced engineers and geologists bringing together all aspects of the project.

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