Site sampling and testing services

Structural Soils provides a range of construction focused, geotechnical and geoenvironmental site monitoring and testing services that are responsive and cost effective.

Instrumentation and Monitoring

Ground movement

One of the simplest techniques to monitor Ground Movement is installing and monitoring the level of settlement plates set into the ground.  More sophisticated monitoring includes the use of extensometers with target magnets placed at multiple levels in boreholes, and borehole inclinometers which are monitored using a biaxial probe.


We are able to install the full range of groundwater and gas monitoring instruments, including standard standpipes piezometers set in sand cells within boreholes and slotted standpipes typically from 19mm up to 50mm internal diameter, although larger sizes are available.  Groundwater levels are measured using a graduated dipmeter and ground gases are monitored using an infra red analyser.  If long term groundwater information is required for the variation in water level over a tidal cycle, divers are installed in the piezometers/standpipes which are later collected and the data downloaded.

In addition to conventional groundwater piezometers, vibrating wire piezometers may be installed.  These are particularly useful where monitoring of piezometric levels in low permeability soils are required.  The instruments are grouted into the boreholes and may either be monitored by hand at discrete times or data recorders provided which can record the piezometric data at prescribed intervals over many days or even months

Monitoring and sampling

Our fully qualified and experienced environmental technicians visit a site and carry out any monitoring or sampling, before arranging delivery of the samples to our state-of-art laboratories. All of our field staff are equipped to enable them to carry out gas, flow, vapour and water monitoring to current national specifications. All work is carried out under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Specialised technicians

Our experienced site sampling technicians, based throughout the country, hold construction skills certification scheme cards and safety passports. Many have additional specialist qualifications that allow them to work under the most technically demanding conditions.

Our analytical laboratory is staffed by very widely experienced chemists and is accredited to BS EN 17025 and MCERTS. This combined sampling and testing service offers the major added benefit of end-to-end sample custody and tracking.

Supplementary services

We offer a range of service options, and offer greater value for money the greater the brevity of services ordered. For example, a client can opt to just have samples taken and sent on to an independent laboratory. Conversely, samples can taken by the client or a contractor, and we can perform the chemical testing. We can provide a very competitive price for either of these options, and there is also an immediate 10% reduction on our prices when opting for both monitoring and analysis.

Technical Support Services (TSS)

We have a national team of environmental technicians, competent with a wide range of site services including groundwater sampling using low flow techniques (to ensure high levels of accuracy and representative results). Being based across multiple locations nationally reduces site mobilisation costs and project carbon footprints. Our technicians have access to state of the art monitoring equipment which is calibrated and verified for each site visit, this bracketed data set provides a better standard of quality compared to that achieved by relying on a manufacturer’s calibration certificate alone.

Our technicians operate our accredited SHEQ management system (ISO14001, ISO9001 & OHSAS18001) and are fully qualified. We work with our clients to reduce site monitoring costs whilst maintaining high quality standards. We have a broad range of experience from working for sole trader consultancies to multinational enterprises such as Shell and Horizon.


  • Key skills and services
  • - Construction Skills Certification Scheme
  • - Safety Pass Alliance petrol retail safety passport
  • - Shell Health, Safety, Security and the Environment
  • - Safety Pass Alliance quarry passport
  • - Basic Electrical Safety Competence (BESC) overhead lines
  • - BESC substations
  • - Network Rail Personal Track Safety
  • Geotechnical
  • - Cable avoidance tool (CAT) and Genny
  • - GPS borehole levelling
  • - Clegg hammer testing
  • - Rising/falling head testing
  • - Topsoil (garden) validation

  • Geoenvironmental
  • - Low-flow sampling (bladder and peristaltic)
  • - Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) gas/flow monitoring
  • - Gas sample collection
  • - Landfill gas monitoring
  • - Flux monitoring/surveying
  • - Dust Frisbee gauges – deployment and monitoring
  • - Flame ionisation detector (FID) surveys


  • Geophysics 
  • - Second man support
  • - Survey area set up

  • Asbestos/legionella
  • - Hand picking
  • - Second man support
  • - Legionella sample collection








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