Geotechnical Consultancy

Alongside its well known role as a site investigation contractor, Structural Soils Ltd has a strong history of providing geotechnical interpretation and advice, based both on its own investigations and those of others. It has experienced and professionally qualified geologists and engineers. Consultancy is undertaken on a wide range of geotechnical issues, including bearing capacity and settlement calculations, assessments of piles, pavements and earthworks, and slope stability analysis, as well as interpretation of in-situ testing results. Projects on all scales are undertaken.

Trial Trenches at Wylfa Power Station

The company also has ready access to a vast amount of information accumulated through past investigations, which allow it to provide advice on likely ground conditions, as well as supplementing information obtained on specific projects.  This underpins the preparation of geotechnical and geological desk studies and feasibility studies, and also allows the company to advise on strata to be encountered, their likely geotechnical properties, and the most cost-effective way of investigating them.

Typical reports include assessment or prediction of likely ground conditions for sites or infrastructure routes, analysis of likely causes of foundation movements of existing structures, and provision of general advice to parties in potential claims or disputes.

Structural Soils also carry out Coal Mining Risk Assessments, which are becoming a planning requirement in coal mining areas, and subsequent investigation and recommendations for remedial work.

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