Structural Soils has in recent years carried out site investigations for renewable energy projects all across the United Kingdom, including offshore.  Our clients range from major energy producers through specialist renewable energy companies to small commercial concerns constructing one-off schemes for their own supply.  Project types include large and small new or replacement wind turbine schemes, biogas generation plants on agricultural sites, and small hydro weir schemes.

Commitment to Renewable Energy such as Wind Farms

The services we provide range from trial pitting and foundation inspection on smaller schemes, through to deep boreholes for the larger wind turbines, including both upland sites where turbines are founded on rock and lowland sites where piled foundations may be needed. 

Laboratory testing on both soils and rock is carried in house, and any required contamination testing where the development is on a brownfield site is carried out by our sister company Envirolab.

We can simply provide a factual report, or can provide interpretive reports including the geotechnical parameters required for turbine base design, or confirm the suitability of the ground for a specific foundation type.  We also use our extensive data base and experience to offer the appropriate drilling method for the site.

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