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Regulatory requirements mean that developers of sites must ensure that there are no significant risks to human health, the environment, etc. The same obligations apply to all owners of existing operational sites for the safety of their staff. The requirements for the environmental assessment of contaminated land are becoming ever more stringent. Over the years we have built up our Geo-Environmental assessment capabilities such that our consultancy staff can assist clients with all manner of existing land-uses (e.g. fuel filling stations, tanneries, landfill sites). Our clients generally comprise all kinds of residential and commercial developers and investors, but also government bodies.

We assist clients right from pre-acquisition site surveys (to establish potential liabilities), through Phase 1 risk assessments and then site investigations, culminating in assistance throughout the development stage in order to achieve planning conditions sign off (e.g. remediation and validation). Having designed and carried out our site investigation works, our own in-house chemical testing laboratory provides the results to enable us to produce interpretive (or factual) reports. Our significant breadth of experience in both the contracting and consultancy side of contracts, as well as our extensive experience of liaison with the regulators, has resulted in us being the preferred consultant for many developers. We routinely undertake detailed risk assessments for the risks from landfill-type gases, as well as undertaking Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA) for the risk to groundwater resources (referred to as an RTM formerly P20).

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