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      Date: Apr 15, 2015
     Title: Structural Soils project awards from Thames Water since Christmas have now passed the £0.5M mark
In the three months since Christmas Structural Soils (SSL) have been awarded over £0.5M of work by Thames Water Utilities Limited (TWUL) or Tier 1 contractors working on their behalf.

Having invested heavily in its rotary drilling capability over the last 12 months SSL has been able to deploy a number of its  new rotary drilling rigs on some challenging or prestigious sites.

A framework supplier of Site Investigation Services to TWUL since 2005, Structural Soils are no stranger to frequent or high value project awards.  However, these awards come at the very end of the AMP5 (asset management) programme, a time when work traditionally tails off in the water industry.

Structural Soils seem set to benefit from water industry attempts to avoid the cyclical peaks and troughs of the AMP cycles, and look forward to meeting the challenges of AMP6.